Food For Potency: Eggs, Meat, Seafood and Others

Nourishment is a valuable part of proper human life and health. Men health and male potency are dependent how he eats. Unbalanced food, including fast food, meat pockets, sandwiches, hot dogs, pasta and instant mashed potatoes, sausages, etc., are not capable to supply the organism with the essential components and, if such products are taken constantly, negative effects on general health and potency, in particular, will be observed. Canadian Pharmacy recommends for health and sexual function improvement to forbid the goods of poor quality. It is better to prefer natural products that significantly increase potency.

Food For Potency Increase


Various types of seafood contain a great amount of zinc and selenium. These are the main minerals that have an influence on male sexual function. Seafood like flounder, mackerel, salmon, shrimp, crawfish, squid is proved to be vital for male sexual health. Additionally to vitamins and minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 are the most important fatty marine fish involved in testosterone biosynthesis.


Walnut, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals, vegetable protein, oils and fiber necessary for whole health condition as well as for male sexual function. Nuts rich in arginine components – an amino acid that enhances blood circulation have a positive influence on erectile function. A mixture of nuts with honey is proved to be one of the most effective methods of traditional erectile dysfunction treatment.This Food Really Increases Potency


Parsley useful properties for male strength have been known since ancient times. In the parsley structure, there is a substance called apigenin, which inhibits the female sex hormones production particularly in the male body, which inhibits the testosterone production in the female body. Additionally, parsley is a fascinating means for the prostatitis prevention.


Eggs are a fairly – balanced good, with a great content of protein, fatty acids, vitamins and other trace elements. The main recommendation: eat raw eggs. Their utilization is unstable, and there is a risk of catching microbes and salmonella on the shell surface. The eggs are rich in cholesterol, which is required for the male body as a constructing material for sex hormones production. You may trace such a consistency: decreased cholesterol level, then testosterone level decreases as well. But remember high cholesterol is dangerous as well as low: cholesterol starts to spread over the vessels walls, which becomes a cause of atherosclerosis and resulting in blood vessels blockage. So that, it is required to have a normal cholesterol level to sustain general health condition as well as sexual male health.

Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onions improve circulatory system, particularly blood circulation to the genital organs, stimulate testosterone production, enhance erectile function, are manifested as a preventive means against prostatitis with antibacterial properties, assisting the body to treat various bacterial disorders. Garlic and onions have a rich vitamin-mineral structure. Garlic is comprised of the selenium significant for a male reproductive system.


During ancient times such a product as the meat was the major product for male power because meat is comprised of animal proteins and amino acids, vital for the male body. But measure should be followed when you eat meat because it is also rich in cholesterol and a large amount of fat, uncontrolled consumption of which can become a cause of obesity.

Root Crops: Celery and Ginger

Celery and ginger are two root crops that promote the rise of male health. Celery for men is helpful because of content androsterone – the male sex hormone, responsible for erection and secondary sexual characteristics. Celery and ginger have all the necessary vitamins and minerals for potency and are preventive measures against prostatitis. Roots are the most useful parts of ginger and celery.

Oysters and Mussels

Oysters are considered a champion of the zinc content. The famous Casanova ate 50 oysters at breakfast. Useful properties of mollusks in the improvement of erectile function prescribed a high content of organic zinc, but in recent studies, it was found that in addition to zinc, mollusks are rich in rare amino acids that activate the sex hormones production. For maximum effect, oysters and mussels should be eaten in a raw state, because a significant portion of amino acids is lost during heat treatment.